Northen Antibiotic Resistance Partnership


The educational portion of this project is targeted at two populations; (1) The healthcare providers and (2) the general population.

Healthcare Providers:
The information gained from the surveillance portions of this project will be reported to physicians and health care providers.  Advice related to antibiotic resistant organisms and antimicrobial usage will be relayed to the health care providers in the communities under study.  In addition, best practices will be developed for specific organisms (ie. CA-MRSA) or various situations (infection control in remote nursing stations) to aid the prevention and control of antibiotic resistant organisms.

Guidelines for Management of Suspected Community-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (SSTIs).

General Population:
We plan to rollout existing programs aimed at the general population such as Do Bugs Need Drugs (  We will also develop additional educational tools and develop communication strategies to educate individuals in the community. is an interactive video game developed to supplement the Germs Away curriculum. The game follows Jared and Stephanie (as seen in the online video game on food-borne illnesses, as they help to protect their community from germs through preventative measures and proper hygiene in an attempt to cure Jared’s germ filled nightmares.

The site also includes desktop wallpapers, posters and a teacher's section offering all Germs Away teaching resources. The site is available in English and French.

We have developed an educational tool aimed at grades 4-6 that was piloted in northern Saskatchewan schools in the fall of 2007.

If you are interested in using this guide, please contact us through the contact page.

We have developed three hand-washing posters aimed at children.

  • A slide deck describing the educational goals can be found here: PDF Download PDF
  • A slide presentation made by Kirsten Bergstrom to communities about antibiotic resistance and community-associated MRSA in 2006. (Revised June 2008) PDF Download PDF
  • Slide presentation describing the Do Bugs Need Drugs rollout in northern communities. PDF Dowload PDF

edu Education Podcasts
  • Kirsten Bergstrom delivers a nine part podcast on how to teach the Germs Away curriculum. Go to Podcast page >>
  • Four part podcast presentation made by Kirsten Bergstrom about antibiotic resistance and community-associated MRSA. Go to Podcast page >>

Radio broadcasts have been developed in English, Cree, and Dene aimed at educating the general public on:

  1. Skin and soft tissue infections:
    PDF Transcript | MP3 English MP3 | MP3 Cree MP3 | MP3 Dene MP3
  2. Hand Washing.
    PDF Transcript | MP3 English MP3 | MP3 Cree MP3 | MP3 Dene MP3
  3. Completing the entire course of antibiotics.
    PDF Transcript | MP3 English MP3 | MP3 Cree MP3 | MP3 Dene MP3

These radio spots have been broadcast on the Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal Radio Network.

  • A pamphlet describing MRSA has been developed and circulated in physicians offices and community health centres in the regions under study. PDF Download PDF